Aussie JNR DH Ripper, David McMillan's 2011 Bio with Ty Bowmaker

Dave McMillan rides bikes really well…

A few years ago now I came across a video online of some, at the time, unknown kid that liked to ride his mountain bike down the hill, and fast. This kids name was Dave McMillan, and over the years I have enjoyed any chance to watch him ride. His riding is dialled, he’s quick and he just looked different on the bike—in a good way!

Fast forward 3 years to today and you get this fresh edit from Ty Bowmaker (Captivate Media). Ty is another story similar to Daves—only behind the lense. His edits are consistently getting more and more dialled and the shots are just looking sick. Check out this latest edit from Ty. A sweet little bio of Dave, pushing the back out of any corner he enters and having a damn good time doing it.


While you’re at it you may want to see the first video of Dave that caught my eye. Kane Chenoworth was an early inspiration for me and I wish he was still making mountain bike edits. Peep a then 14 year old (!) Dave just slaying!