The Grumpa Grass Slalom Returns

Joel Harwood stirring up the earth at the Grumpa Grass Slalom

We all ride bikes for the same reason. Fun.

That was all the motivation I needed when deciding to put a little underground race together. At the end of the summer, the weather in Squamish is unreliable at best, bikes tend to show signs of a season’s abuse, and our riding motivation seems to decrease with the daylight.

During the rainy season I find myself riding solo the majority of the time. I start to miss riding with the usual suspects. What better excuse to bring everybody together than a little healthy competition?

The ideal format needed to appeal to a diverse group of riders. I wanted men, women, young, dusty, XC, and DH riders to all feel that they would have a blast on any type of bike. Oh yeah, and the format needed to be heckle-friendly.

Enter Grumpa Slalom pt. Deux.

The stage for the 2012 Grumpa Grass Slalom

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Since the roost has settled, I have reflected on this year’s event, and whether or not the Grumpa Slalom is a tradition worth preserving. Instead of getting all emotional, I decided to let the photos do the deliberating for me.

Aoibhe Glynn racing dual slalom

Aoibhe Representing the Ladies

Jeremy Null chases Jeremy Norris at the Grumpa Grass Slalom

Jeremy Null Keeping Jeremy Norris In Sight

Race organizer looks on as Roland Benesocky rails

Grumpa Looks On As Roland Dances in Practice

Matteo Abel runs his questionable traction upgrade

Matteo Abel & Questionable Traction “Upgrades”

Jeremy Norris not phased by a recent shoulder injury

Jeremy Norris ‘Nursing’ a Sore Shoulder

Joel Harwood has no fun at all riding his bike

Grumpa Enjoying the Fruits of His Labour


Fun? Check. Social? Check. Heckling? Check. Skids? Check. Worth it? Check.

See you next year.

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Special thanks to Brad Martyn Photography for a select few of his images!