Grumpa Grass Slalom v4: Back to Basics

Remi Gauvin and Dean Richards battle at the 2014 Grumpa Grass Slalom

If you’re taking the time to read this, you likely already know how it goes: gentle slope + spikes + cones = laughs, a little friendly competition, and drifts. 2014 was no different really. The course was much the same and many of the racers were returnees. Why bother coming out to race the same people, on the same course?

The simplicity of grass slalom reminds me of the good ol’ days. I didn’t grow up in a mountain biking community. We didn’t have more than a few trails to ride. My bike sucked. There were only a few of us that rode. Why did I bother then?

Joel squints through sheets of rain and flying debris

Joel’s bikes no longer suck. Squinting through sheets of rain and flying debris in earlier rounds

I don’t really think I can put the answer to either question into words. For most lifelong riders, cycling is simple. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re riding the same old loop, gravel roads, or the Whistler Bike Park. Just ride, do wheelies, and have some fun.

Sea to Sky cyclists are fortunate to have a number of luxuries: purpose built singletrack, trail crews, a myriad of bike shops, dropper posts… the list is never ending. Do we need all of them? Maybe not…

Grass Slalom corners, err, ruts

A simple grass slope can make for the most fun on a bike all year! This years ruts and ribbons were second to none


Remi Gauvin launches into his first grass slalom

Remi doing as he’s told. The wood kickers were a new feature, and made for some great entertainment


Jeremy Norris rails this years monster rut

Norris rails the monster rut. He has raced all four slalom events and is always a threat


Roland Benesocky rails into the lead against Shane Gayton

Roland railing against the Whistler blow-in, Shane Gayton. Roland is always one of the most stoked riders at the slalom.


Jeremy Norris and Ben Hoffman go head to head

Norris foot up and casual, chases Ben, foot out, flat out


Remi Gauvin and Shane Gayton battle through the toughest corner of the slalom track

World cup racer vs Whistler cup racer. Remi and Gayton head to head in the toughest part of this years track


Jeremy Norris railing the toughest corner of the 2014 grass slalom

Norris out in front, all alone, but still smashing. It aint over till the putting green at the very bottom


Remi Gauvin making light work of the grass corners and the competition

Remi’s world cup experience didn’t worry most, despite him using it to his advantage and taking the win


Lee Jackson railing the slippery grass ruts

Lee was back for his second grass slalom and was narrowly beat by Remi in the final

Not that we don’t appreciate all of the luxuries, but we don’t necessarily need them. Grumpa Slalom reminds me to keep things simple. Get outside, ride a bike, and have a laugh. You know that we will.

Racers take a break from railing the Squamishj grass slalom track