Miller Times Episode 1: Training Advantages

Well here we are! We've been more than a little quiet here at Straightshot recently, namely due to the amount of work we have been doing behind the scenes. Plenty of great things are happening this year, and we're stoked to finally present our first feature of these cool things—Miller Times (Genuine Drifts).

Miller Times is essentially the trials and tribulations of our good mate, Miranda Miller, and these video's will attempt to let people into what goes on behind the scenes with Miranda and her busy schedule (yes, riding a bike can make for a real busy one…) and the good ol' times she has along the way. The series will focus on her life at home in between competing on the downhill mountain bike world stage, with a few races closer to home thrown in the mix. Miranda is one of the funniest and witty people that I know, so be prepared for some good humour, but be sure you don a sarcasm hat as well, cause she knows how to roll that way!

Private Property

This first episode took us to a new location to shoot, somewhere we had heard of over the last year, but had no idea where it was. The trail was built and ridden in the winter of 2010/11, but still rides and looks like it was brand spanking new! It's no wonder the guys that use this epic 'training ground' keep it so quiet—that and the fact that there are some sketchy locals!

Remi Gauvin stirs the loam

Miranda was keen to do some riding and filming (we mean, training), with her good buds, Remi Gauvin and Tyler Allison, two absolute rippers in their own rights! Tyler had recently been doing some maintenance and upkeep to the trail (down trees and so on), but Remi and Miranda hadn't been here for some time. The two weren't too sure whether the trail would work out well, as they hadn't ridden it since the previous winter, but Tyler knew it would be killer. Sure enough it took three short sections before the hype started to escalate and the crew began to feed off each others excitement, only good times ensued!

Remi, Tyler & Miranda check the shot

As always, filming with Miranda was nothing but fun, but to throw in another two whom I had never met previously and it can stir things up a little. Not in this case—Tyler and Remi are equally as easy going as 'Mir' and like nothing more than to ride bikes and make fun of everything, and I mean everything! There's never a dull moment with this lot and I cannot wait to get more of these edits done! Speaking of which, the second episode takes us to Port Angeles for the first of the N-Dub Cups for the season, so if you like what you see, stay tuned for more!

Big shout out to our good mate, David Fournier for the awesome snaps from the days out on the trail!