Miller Times Episode 2: NW Cup Round 1 with the 'Dream Team'

The second episode of the Miller Times: Genuine Drifts, saw us pack up and make the journey, first over to the Island, where we caught up with Remi, then over to Port Angeles, for the first round of the NW Cup. For a number of years I had been itching to make it down to PA for one of these races, so needless to say, I was pumped! This was also going to be the first race in some time that the ‘Dream Team’ (Miranda Miller, Remi Gauvin and Nick Geddes), would be back together at an event since Nick’s battle with cancer—everyone was psyched!

The trip down to Port Angeles isn’t the easiest, crossing borders via ferrys, in addition to traveling on a long weekend, always makes for a few hours sitting around wishing you were there already, but things are made easier with laptops and wicked humour (not necessarily at the same time)! Once in PA we were tired and hanging for Mexican, something that Mir, Rem and I all love, but don’t have much luck finding in the good ol’ Great White North. I think Miranda nailed it when she B.C has sushi for everywhere that the US has Mexican. Some of us got our fix, while others blew it with a shitty choice…

Hero dirt in Port Angeles for NW Cup 1

Practice hit and the crew were up early, with Nick setting up a sweet tent and chill area for the everyone to relax and get a feed in between busting out laps. It was damp, but not overly wet, which made for some of the most heroic dirt we have seen for a while! Traction was high in most spots on the course and it showed, as out of the gate, riders were up to speed and smashing out sections! We finished the day off with a sweet little recon mission for shots of the town and joined Jill Kintner for some Italian—yes, Port Angeles has an Italian restaurant (in addition to the towns 5 Mexican joints), and it’s good!

Come race day everyone was a little more quiet, though still making sure that they had a good ol’ time! Remi decided to go absolutely massive on the hip jump, just about clearing the entire bank that you land on! Miranda pinned through the high speed section on the top section of the course and looked set to nail a good race run, while Nick saved some energy for his race—kicking cancer in the teeth takes some strength and he continues to build his fitness in its wake.

Miller's awesome race plate mounting job

The entire crew threw down amazing runs, even with a slight mechanical for Miranda! Literally 60 seconds prior to getting in the start gate Mir noticed that the bead of her tire was off! Fortunately with the help of Brysen (CCN) and his mass man strength, they managed to roll the bead back on in time for her start. None the less, as you can imagine it was tough to have the confidence required in your equipment after that, so she kept it cool and got down safe to save points, finishing 3rd on the day—an awesome run.

Nick jumped into the hotseat after his run, showing that he is getting up to speed and fitness—you better watch out come this summer! He remained in the hotseat for a number of riders, finishing the day in 9th—a top result first race back! Remi had a bomber weekend, taking qualies and the win, ahead of Mr. Mantle and Luke Strobel! If I remember right, 7 of the top 10 were Canadian, showing the spectators that chanting “USA” as the canucks come down only urges them to go faster!

Check out the second episode of Miller Times to get a glimpse of Port Angeles and the shenanigans that went down!

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