Miller Times Episode 3: Trail Riding with Mike Jones

In between all of the racing that Miranda has already done this season, she still likes to get out on the ‘little’ bike when home and rip about the great trail network Squamish is lucky enough to have. Thankfully trail building in this area is fantastic as well—so there is almost always something new and exciting to ride after the winter building months!

Saying that, we headed out with Miranda and one of her first mountain bike coaches, Mike Jones, for a morning on some of the old favourites, as well as some of the sweet freshies. This is what we do 75% of the time here when the Whistler Bike Park is not yet open—for some even when the park is open (we’re not all lucky enough to ride for a living ;) ). It’s easy to say it really doesn’t ever get boring!

Join Miranda as she gets out with the ‘old dawg’ on some of the most enjoyable trails here in Squamish.