Mountain Bike Frame Adjustability – The Future vs. Gimmickry

Joel testing the Scott Voltage's versatility

After seeing the Coastal Crew’s first feature film, under the moniker, Secondbase Films (trailer for said film) my inner bike nerd couldn’t help but notice the number of ways the trio had their frames set up. More and more mountain bike companies seem to be offering components and frames that can be customized to any given rider’s terrain and riding technique.

Whether it is suspension or a seat post that changes on the fly, a headset with a variety of configurations, or a frame with adjustable geometry. Adjustable components seem to be everywhere I look these days.

Where do we draw the line?

I have ridden the Scott Voltage in a few configurations, and personally like the adjustability that the frame offers. My XC hardtail doesn’t have an adjustable seat post and I often feel lost without it, not to mention terrified when things get pointy. As far as suspension goes, I don’t bother flipping switches, or changing travel, I just ride.

Does the average rider benefit from all of the adjustable features, or would they be better off with a set and forget product?

While you’re tabulating your pros and cons, enjoy a cinematic example of what I’m talking about, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.