R.I.P Dane Searls: BMX & Trails Riders Lose a Legend

Dane Searls Dies at 23

Today is a very sad day for the BMX and dirt kicker world—especially for the Aussie crowd and anyone else that met Dane Searls.

On Monday morning, after just leaving the Gold Coast of Australia myself, my ears perked as I caught a familiar name on the morning www.cialisforsalecanada.com – visit page news. As I listened to the story it was revealed that Searlsy had sustained some serious head and back injuries after ‘falling’ from a 1st floor balcony at a Gold Coast nightclub. It was later revealed that Dane was attempting to dive into the pool when something went wrong, and he missed.

Today the horrible news came that they pulled Dane Searls’ life support, putting an end to this champs life of ripping dirt booters and entertaining everyone in the process.

Searsly, I only had the opportunity to meet you briefly, but you were a top bloke and an inspiration to watch on the bike. Keep on ‘doin it for Oz’ where-ever you are, your legend will no doubt live on down here!