SRAM's World Bicycle Relief pArt Project

SRAM pArt Project for World Bicycle Relief fund

I hadn’t really been following this too closely since it’s inception, then it came up in my travels today and reminded me of how cool of a concept it all is. That concept; give artists a box filled with 100 bike parts (SRAM of course) and let the artists go to town on with it all, displaying their most creative efforts, then auctioning these off for charity.

The sculptures created were displayed at Interbike and are now up for auction on Ebay. All the proceeds raised from the auctions will go towards the World Bicycle Relief—a great cause!

Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of money that my favourite pieces are going for, but it is awesome to see them raising a great amount for the World Bicycle Relief. Below are what I think are the strongest pieces of the project—why? Because they are built utilizing, predominantly, the SRAM bits provided. While some of the others are pretty sweet, a few seem to use quite a bit of other material to achieve their objective. Just one persons perspective really.

Steve Radtke’s ‘Moto’ is awesome. Almost all SRAM bits and it looks polished and dialled! Pretty popular in the auction, the Moto is currently sitting at a sweet $4550 USD and has had 10 bids to date!

SRAM pArt Project's Moto by Steve Radtke

Lewis Tardy’s ‘Powerglide’ is so refined, it’s hard to believe that it is simply bike parts. It does look like the head may have something else being used for it (???), but it’s so good who cares! It’s obviously a favourite among the bidders as well, as it is currently going for $6000 USD and has had 14 bids!

SRAM pArt Project's Powerglide by Lewis Tardy

Last but not least, my personal fave, Jesse Meyer’s ‘Sprinter’. From what I can tell, every last piece of this work is built using SRAM components—crazy! It’s also the cheapest of the three at the auction, though still currently sitting at a cool $1875 USD.

SRAM pArt Project's Sprinter by Jesse Meyer

What do you think? Anyone keen on any of these? Does anyone think they would throw down the funds that these are getting currently? We’re keen to hear your thoughts.