Summer Dreaming: Chilcotin Adventures by Bike

Dave Reid avoiding wildflowers in the Chilcotins

David Reid railing through wildflowers in the Chilcotins

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Sea to Sky residents have a lot of great trails at their disposal, but once summer hits and the snow-line recedes up the mountains, an incessant itch for adventure on our bikes often results in at least one trip to the Southern Chilcotins. Even with the great variety of riding between Vancouver and Pemberton, we still struggle to get that high alpine experience and the Chilcotins can fix that desire, by the truckload!

In the summer of 2013 a number of us made a reasonably early trip to the Chilcotins for a couple days of saddle time, being sure to wear ourselves to the bone before the drive back over the Hurley Pass and back to civilization. Adventure we wanted and adventure we were served. We somewhat purposely took a number of questionable routes, at one point seeing us lost in the middle of a large alpine bowl, which although had clear paths into it, soon ended up with not a track in sight—the carrot was just too good to refuse at times.

Being the earliest time of year that I had ever visited the Chilcotins, I was aptly treated to views of lush mountain sides, riddled with wildflowers and wildlife, unlike anything I had witnessed before on these trips. We wanted adventure and we got it, and whether consciously or not, we wanted nature, and we were served it to the gills. The Chilcotins continues to blow me away with stunning vistas and phenomenal experiences.

With summer fast approaching I find myself dreaming of more long days on the bike in the back of no-where, with just a couple of my favourite, like-minded people to get lost in the mountains with.


Waking up in the Chilcotins

These early morning views never get old


David Reid Climbing out of Taylor Basin

There is a lot of climbing, but the views and surroundings help you forget the pain.


Dave Reid & Declan Wolfe continue to gain elevation in the Chilcotins

Dave & Declan continue the climb up to Windy Pass. Again, the views suck.


Declan Wolfe drops in on the first descent down toward Windy Pass

After a couple hours of climbing, you’re greeted with this, a soft view and some rough terrain beneath the wheels


Dave & Declan contemplate the baron wasteland in front of them

Crappy spot to stop for a break, huh. Dave & Declan debate the merits of global warming.


The Chilcotin Marmot's were unsure about our mountain bikes

The locals aren’t to sure about the fancy machines we use to mobilize ourselves.


The Santa Cruz Blur TRc on its first epic adventure

The bikes get absolutely worked, even in favourable (dry) conditions. This was the only snow we encountered.


David Reid & Declan Wolfe check the map for the Chilcotins

I thought you knew where we were going!?


The Chilcotin mountain sides are full of contrast

Life, and death. The Southern Chilcotin mountain sides are full of contrast.


David Reid happy to be riding bikes in the Chilcotins

Dave tries to hide his grin as he rides in the opposite direction from whoever let off the bear-banger.


David Reid riding out of Windy Pass

Slowly losing enough elevation to hit the treeline


Wood takes on many different forms in the Chilcotins

Wood and its different personalities