The Next Big Mountain Bike Film, Where The Trail Ends

What happens when you get the Freeride Entertainment boys (the guys behind the New World Disorder series—which spanned 10 years!) and Red Bull together? Possibly the closest thing to The Art of Flight for us dirt bag bikers, and I mean that in a good way!

The trailer to ‘Where the Trail Ends’, Freeride’s latest video project, dropped earlier this week and it looks to have that cinematic excellence and artistic eye, similar to Travis Rice’s last two videos. I in no way mean we are going to see an imitation, rather, we will be blessed with the amazing camera and editing skills we’ve become accustomed to from Brainfarm (the guys behind The Art of Flight), only with dirt, sunshine and mountain bikes!

Check out the trailer. While short, it gives a glimpse of how good September is going to be for mountain bikers… even if the weather outside is the pits!