Trailnotes, A New Zealand Based Mountain Bike Film

It really only happens once or twice a year—if you’re lucky. Coming across a trailer, or a film, that really hits a chord with you and instantly begins to build anticipation of what could be. This year it happened once (hearing about Second Base Films and their mtb movie release) and this year I am lucky enough to have a second—enter Trail Notes by Cadre Productions, a Kiwi company with some fantastic design sense.

New Zealand really has it going on, especially when mountain bikes are concerned. The trail networks and apparent government support of the sport is great! It’s aiding in the large increase in kiwi riders on the world cup circuit and bikes appear to be a way of life there. This new film really seems to be hitting in on that note, and that’s the note that perked up in me when I saw this trailer. I don’t think it will be a ‘lets go huck ourselves’ initiator, but it will make you think about the finer things and what mountain biking, and riding your bike does for you.

Enjoy the trailer. We look forward to seeing more about this flick.